Most of us have goals. We’re working on near-term changes in our lives, and we have a pretty good idea of what we need to do to get there. Most of us also have dreams: to visit the next destination on our bucket list, change careers, make a creative project happen, build something…

The gap between our dreams and our goals can often seem vast. Our goals seem do-able, down-to-earth, and we know how to make them happen. Our dreams might seem more intangible, out of reach, a “someday” idea rather than something that can happen today or tomorrow.

This is where strategic planning comes in. We take the dream, the vision we have for an ideal future, and we begin to identify the steps needed in order to get there. What do we need to do in three years, five years, ten years, to bring our dreams to life?

“The things that get in the way of making our hopes and dreams into¬†plans and our plans into reality are often internal – fear of failure, rejection or humiliation, feelings of anxiety or dread, shame, doubt, confusion. We avoid these feelings without checking whether our fears are likely to occur, or considering how we might handle such circumstances. In truth, most of the time, the internal process is vastly more challenging than the external obstacles.”