Project Terms

Welcome to Kingsfil Business Innovation! Below you might find the General Terms and Conditions – Project. Please bear in mind that those terms apply for the projects across all corporate activities.

Management Consulting Projects

For any management consulting works; the client has the right to request two trials / revisions of the work after the reception of the first draft. Any further modifications shall be subject to extra fees based on the change request.

Digital Projects

For any digital project and/or component; the client will receive sample sheets and graphs where needed and sometime mock-up if needed for the project. Clients shall send their approval on the mock-up work. Otherwise, request modifications and changes. The number of reworks/ changes shall be specified during project agreement. There are multiple support plan for the digital projects. Most of the projects include three month free support, such as website and emails.

Marketing Projects

For any Graphic design project and/or component; the client will receive a sample sheet, a concept sheet and a mock-up sheet, if needed. Clients shall send their approval on the sample and concept sheets. Otherwise, request modifications and changes on the work. Up to three (3) modifications will be done, where necessary, free of charge. Exceptions may apply during the contract preparation.

Contract Effectiveness

The project’s scope of work is considered valid when signed by Kingsfil authorized person and the client’s representative.

Clients’ Data Security

Kingsfil will ensure that all clients’ information remains confidential and secure. Kingsfil will not share any of its clients’ information and data for public or any other party.

Common Out-of-scope

Upon approval on the project documentation, Kingsfil would share detailed scope of work document including the following:

  • Projects requirements and deliverables by Kingsfil
  • Responsibilities of clients
  • Delivery schedule

General Terms

Clients should stick with the specified number of rework, changes and modifications as specified in the previous points. Any further modifications shall be subject to additional fees (Man- day / Man- hours).

Kingsfil are entitled to send Change Request for the clients, filled with details of required change and needed tasks for the rework, when the clients exceed the number of reworking or ask for project/project component change or extension.

Kingsfil are entitled to pause the initiation of the needed changes until the reception of the client’s written confirmation and approval on the changes.

The additional fees related to the change request shall be applied when the reworks/ Changes and the project itself are delivered and approved by the client. Those additional fees shall be calculated based on the require time and efforts for the rework/changes (Man-day/ Man-hours).

The fees of the (Man-day/ Man-hours) will be fixed for each category of the project, will agree with clients on the fees along with the business proposal.

All disputes or any misinterpretation arising pursuant to the signing of the agreement shall be resolved with mutual consent as a first step, in case of non-agreement to reach any conclusion; the matter shall be resolved through one Arbitration under the Rules of Arbitration in Jordan.

Delivery Schedule

All projects will include delivery plan to all requirements. Client delay to deliver their requirements might delay Kingsfil delivery


In most projects will agree on the payment terms in the project contract. Clients shall pay the fees of change requests at the end of the project. In few cases Kingsfil might ask client’s to pay ahead upon approval of the change request.


Kingsfil assigning project manager for each project. Which mean the client will have solo point of contact in Kingsfil to facilitate the work and deliver it with high efficiency. The client should assign a single point of contact from their side to manage Kingsfil communication and comply with the requirements and deliver the needed inputs and approvals.

General Terms and Conditions – Project last update @ Jan 1st 2019

Those terms are neither legal advice in any way, nor can they replace the knowledgeable opinion of lawyers or other professionals in the various fields discussed in the terms. Kingsfil Business Innovation terms aims to protect its clients and its work to ensure the rights for both parties. Just to keep in mind. If you have any inquiries about those terms please don’t hesitate to contact us any time for further discussion.