Kingsfil Business Innovation was attending our 3rd Misk Academy Vfair held on April 15th & 16th. It was with great pleasure and impact the career journey of many Misk Academy graduates. At the 2-day event, Misk Academy had 44+ hiring partners, 400+ vacancies and more than 40k job applications, in addition to featuring 8 live/interactive training sessions.

Kingsfil Business Innovation has received more than 700+ applications from Misk Academy graduates from its believe to support the Saudi young generation and hire the best and qualified graduates to fill the technology, graphic design, project management, data analyst and consultations vacancies.


Kingsfil Business Innovation is partner with Misk in its global forum and organizing EWC in Jordan since 2019. This year EWC started for registration where the finals will take place in July 2020.