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Business Branding

The business identity presents you and your business, when you look to the future of your business it should have innovative branding that differentiate you in unique position in the market. In Kingsfil we have innovators who give the best fit value to your brand.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the soul of the Brand itself, it is the guideline to use the brand across all type of production and communication.

It covers the use of the logo in all possible ways and also cover the fonts, its size and colors. Covers all usage of the colors and messages and sub massages.
Show your uniqueness and express the business in modern Branded Identity to be on the top of all competitors in the market.


Unify all business papers and documents to be branded with your identity to present the professional image. Even its printable hard copy or soft copy.

Go with one soul of the business Brand and maintain the harmony to let the customer be loyal to the Brand.

Company Profile

Present the business in modern way and design a Company Profile that take breath to be shared with customers. Show your history and capabilities, even your products and services in elegant graphical approach to catch the eyes.

Let the Company Profile speaks about the business and deliver your voice to customers with updated graphs and design.


A great Logo will remain in customer mind forever. A great Logo gives a great first impression that maintain the ROI to the business.

It gives the professional image to the business and keeps the soul of the identity across all the Organization products and communication. Logo is part of the business strategy, it impact the business activity in dynamic approach leads to customer engagement.

Business Card

Business Card still the top communication method to replace professional contact details, no matter the technology produced but still the tradition way is on top.

Business Card present the business itself, starting from the owner, staff and the image of the business. Even sometime Business Card designed before the Logo to make sure of the image to be maintained in professional way.

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