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Sales & Marketing

Sales Initiatives

Setting Sales strategy empower the Organization and to provide competitive advantage in the market in order of selling the products and services to increase the Organization profitability along with the marketing and promotion plans.

Sales Plan

Set Sales Plan to manage the potential customers and leads with Sales team in the Organization.

Sales Strategy

Set Sales Strategy to run along with the Organization’s Marketing Plan to increase the profitability and insure market penetration and competition.

Service Quality Management

Service quality is major factor of customer retention and it support the Organization growth and profitability. If customer is not satisfied of the services offered then will not return to re-buy and also will spread the words to tell all about    the bad experience.

Service QMS

Implement server Service Quality Management System in the Organization to ensure the quality level of the service offered to customers and maintain the retention.

Customer Satisfaction Management

Provide the cycle of Customer journey to maintain high Satisfaction, also design Happy-call survey, Questioners and showroom survey to measure the Customers Satisfaction level.

Perform NPS

Providing to Organization NPS for their customer, it require access to the Organization’s database to contact the customer and measure their like-hood.

Five Star Service

Make sure whenever there will be third party rating, the Organization will get 5 stars to increase your like-hood in the community and the digital networks.

Action Plans

Metrix and a road map to achieve the goals of your business.

Marketing Plan

Deliver the products and services awareness to market and reach potential customers through solid Marketing activities to support the Sales team and increase the Organization profitability. Even being creative and innovative to grasp bigger share from the marker through unique Marketing activities that engage customers.

Marketing Plan

Developing Marketing Plan for all Organization’s products and services groups, define the channels and mark the activities on calendar across all departments.

Marketing Strategy

Define the objective and make it as Strategy for the Organization’s Marketing. The Strategy will detail all channels and budget along with the ROI of campaigns to boost the business and introducing new products and services.

Corporate Marketing

Market the Organization’s brands, and the identity to make the story that will be the new journey of the customer and the Corporate awareness.

Digital Marketing Plan

Online Marketing provide the advantage of engaging with potential customer across the search engines platforms and the social media networks. Be connected to all online channels and relay on the top technologies to achieve the best results.

Service Marketing Plan

Market the Organization’s Services, even field services. Show the Organization’s achievement and the quality as a story to tell.

Service Development Plan

Service is not a simple process that the Organization provide and it’s done. No… Service is a complete solutions to grow a business and even it could be the main activities of many companies and worth  a lot of returns of the financial.

Service Improvement Plan

Keep up to date the revamp the Services the Organization’s offered to customers. Take their feedback and always give them more than what they need. Provide all options and different packages and be the single point of providing specific Service.

Best Fit Service Practices

How to do it! Find out the Best Fit Service Practices that suite the Organization and its vision to reach the corporate goals.

Differentiated Service Plan

Express our uniqueness and grasp bigger share from the potential market by implementing Differentiated Services that no one else are providing. Not only this, you can take it to the globe with Best Fit Practices in very short time.

Why Us?

We are running innovative hybrid model with expertise and innovative team to comply with all business needs among all industries. Driven toward business excellence and growth to make this world better place for the society. With our code of conducts, and the way how we are managing the consulting projects, the client will have the best fit services to make sure achieving the vision and the goals of the organization in high level of performance. Kingsfil is your excellence partner along your business journey. We will understand your business and provide the best fit solutions.


Be unique and different from the competitors and fly alone in the market with your unique models of products and services to be ahead many years of other players.

Sales Growth

We provide all tools you need to grow your sales, with best fit practices and based on the understanding of your business to be on the top all the time.

Saving Money

Yes, you pay for consulting solutions, but in same time you are saving a lot of money to bring you all the expertise and knowledge to be adapted in your business. Its huge investment you’re putting in the business for the long run.

Digital Sales and Marketing

It is the time to digitalize your sales and marketing processes, don’t skip the huge opportunity of the digital process and be ahead with technologies to grow the business.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while"

Steve Jobs

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