Management Consultations

Human Resources

Organizational Structure/Re-Structure

Drawing the relation of the Organization is key element to ensure the success and achieving the goals and objective of each department and function.

Organization Structures

Developing the Structure of existing employees of an Organization to map vision and objective with departments and employees functions.

Organization Re-structure

Renovate the existing Structure of the Organization to be mapped with the changes and new visions and objective of the Business.

Human Resources Planning

Setting the Organization future by activities of Human Resources Planning to achieve the goals managed by the Human Resource department.

Hiring Plan

Provide study of the Organization of Human Resources growth and the requirements to fill the new functions and positions for short and long term business plans.

Optimizing Plan

Reduce employee’s costs and limit the hiring to let the Organization to grow with Optimized solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency.

Job Descriptions

Role clarity is a key factor for employee’s engagement to spread the awareness across the Organization to achieve the corporate goals.

Define Job Descriptions

Setting the Job Descriptions for the existing employees and the employees on hiring plan.

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Setting the Roles and Responsibilities for the Organization’s employees to ensure alignment with the goals and vision.

Define Objectives and Targets

Setting KPIs for each employee to ensure achieving the Organization goals.

Performance Evaluation

Employees Performance impact the department performance to lead to the business growth and sustainability. Employee’s high performance is key element of the profit value chain and the quality of the products and services offered by the Organization.

Performance Systems

Provide comprehensive performance system along the Organization’s department to enable to in charge department to measure and evaluate the employees and Organization Performance.

Develop Balance Score Cards

Develop Balance Score Cards of department heads and team leaders to align with the Organization’s vision and Objectives.

Individuals Performance Scheme

Design Scheme for each employee for Performance evaluation purposes, align with team leaders, department head and the Organization’s goals.

Why Us?

We are running innovative hybrid model with expertise and innovative team to comply with all business needs among all industries. Driven toward business excellence and growth to make this world better place for the society. With our code of conducts, and the way how we are managing the consulting projects, the client will have the best fit services to make sure achieving the vision and the goals of the organization in high level of performance. Kingsfil is your excellence partner along your business journey. We will understand your business and provide the best fit solutions.

Better Workplace

Make the organization a productive place for all employees, facilitate all the tools for them they need to go to ultimate potential and to bring the best of them.

Saving Money

Yes, you pay for consulting solutions, but in same time you are saving a lot of money to bring you all the expertise and knowledge to be adapted in your business. Its huge investment you’re putting in the business for the long run.

Effective Costs

Invest in capital in optimized hybrid method to comply with corporate business needs and in minimum cost you can go for. Our integrated consulting makes the magic to clear the roles of all employees across the business functionally and geographically.

High Performance

Using the most trending tools to measure the employee’s performance to boost the business and invest in talents on the organization. In somehow those are your success partners that will transfer your business to the new adventure.

"People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy"

Tony Robbins

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