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Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is the most important elements for business decisions. It helps business to come with best solutions in terms of risks and also it would give sense of the impact on the financial statement. In other words, it is the future financial performance report of business.

Corporate Finance

It’s a Financial plan of the organization to provide decisions of business growth, invest in new products or brands, expand the organization geographically, merging and acquisitions.

Project Finance

Assessing the financial capabilities of a project. Also the key tool used to create a funding plan using relevant debt and equity components.

Investment Banking

Forecasting the revenues and financials of the Organization to provide recommendations of bank acquisition of  funds or investments in funds.

Financial Structuring

Financial Structure is set of activities to manage and plan the long-term plans to insure running smooth operation and eliminate the risks of the Organization.

Corporate Accounts Structuring

Structure the Organization’s account of revenues and expenses, as well as the debt, tax, funds, AR etc.Structure the Organization’s account of revenues and expenses, as well as the debt, tax, funds, AR etc.It would give the whole picture for the organization of all clients and vendors accounts to ease the business calculations and decision making.

Cash Flow Structuring

It maintain the revenue channels and divided the clients’ accounts into business area and department to facilitate the corporate financial integration with business activities.

Debt Structuring

Structure all the Organization Debts and mange it along with the operation to maintain the financial performance.

Financial Management

Implementing specific activities in Financial such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling to insure applying general management principles to financial resources.

Financial Audit

An Audit activity to evaluate the financial implementation of the Organization.

Financial Statement

Prepare the Organization’s Financial Statement.

Income Statement

Prepare the Organization’s Income Statement.

Balance Sheet

Prepare the Organization’s Balance Sheet.

ERP Preparation

Prepare the Organization for ERP Implementation.


Assessment of the profitability of the Organization.

Excel Pack

Provide all Financial activities in excel back and train the staff.

Why Us?

We are running innovative hybrid model with expertise and innovative team to comply with all business needs among all industries. Driven toward business excellence and growth to make this world better place for the society. With our code of conducts, and the way how we are managing the consulting projects, the client will have the best fit services to make sure achieving the vision and the goals of the organization in high level of performance. Kingsfil is your excellence partner along your business journey. We will understand your business and provide the best fit solutions.

Be on Control

Control every transaction in the business, get the full reports and integrate all financial activities in one place to control everything.

Make the Best Decisions

Minimize the risks and get full insight over business to ease the decisions your taking in daily business cycle.


Once you have all financial figures and reports, we give you all the tools to scale up and acquire new business, new brands and new adventure with peace of mind.

Saving Money

Yes, you pay for consulting solutions, but in same time you are saving a lot of money to bring you all the expertise and knowledge to be adapted in your business. Its huge investment you’re putting in the business for the long run.

“The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within, not from without"

Elie Wiesel

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