Customer Code of Conduct 

At Kingsfil Business Innovation, we commit ourselves to high business standards and we want to work with clients who do the same. We work in innovative way and our main concern is our client’s satisfaction and success all over the journey together.

Purpose Statement

In this code of conducts we demonstrate our promises to our clients in term of our service delivery standards and what to be expected from us and what we expect from our clients.


This code of conduct policy applies to all relations and projects between Kingsfil Business Innovation and its clients.

Service Standards

We at Kingsfil Business Innovation realize the client’s service is the key factor for our success and the support that we can provide to insure the client’s success among the journey in their business.

Service Mission Statement

Insure success partnership with Kingsfil’s clients and deliver high satisfactory services

Service Goals Statement

  • Comply with projects scope and delivery schedule
  • Meet the client’s expectations
  • Maintain high satisfaction
  • Build partnership relations


We are seeking your commitment to work with us to the spirit of the standards set out below during interaction with each other


To start our journey we should trust each other, we trust you and we need you to trust us back.


We’ll always be honest and fair with each other along the journey.


Our communications will be clear, unambiguous and timely. We’ll keep to the facts.


We will respect each person’s right to their opinion. There will be no harassment or bullying behaviors.


We will be responsive to each other’s, learn from each other’s and make the success story together


We’ll protect each other’s physical and intellectual assets as if they were our own.

Health and safety

We’ll protect the physical safety of our colleagues and minimize their exposure to health risks.

Our Promise

We Are Always Here For You

Always, the client come on top and first of everything else on the line. We promise you to be always for you and find us next to you among the success journey

Happy Clients Is Our Business Future

It’s not only one side relation, we do our best to succeed your business, in same time you are our future. We are exist and still running because you are our customer. So we will keep you happy all the time to stay our customer forever.

Your Voice Will Be Always Heard

In every time and in any case we will be hearing you and hearing your requests, even you are not happy we will be here to hear your complain and the all possible action to make you happy again. Until you will be satisfied.

We Work So Hard To Solve Your Problems

This is our promise to you, your problem is our problem, and therefore we will do our best ad work hard on those problems to be solved.

We Insure Our Attitude

We will work with you in high professional approach, and we insure all our employees will do that and you’ll feel the professionalism all the time.

All of Staff Speaks Service

Here in Kingsfil Business Innovation all are oriented towards customer service to deliver high

Corporate Social Responsibility

We love to engage with the society and do some activities to make this world better place. One of Kingsfil Business Innovation responsibilities in to interact with the corporate society and offer charity programs to the individuals and non-profitable organizations.

We’ll seek to protect and sustain our environment, and to support local charities, community groups and initiatives that have an ambition to improve life in the communities in which we work.

Diversity and inclusion

Human Rights

We will respect all internationally proclaimed human rights.

Fighting Injustice and Unfairness around the World

Kingsfil Business Innovation commit to not deal with any side that have a hand in world injustice or unfairness, either persons or corporations. That includes the slavery, weapon productions, and any other related industries.